DeAndre Jordan Throws Down Huge Alley-Oop, Chris Paul Ruins It by Whining to the Ref

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

In some ways, the Los Angeles Clippers are the most frustrating team in the NBA.

They should be fun to watch. 

They pass, they dunk (really, really hard), and they dance in the locker room.

But they're not fun to watch. Mostly because of the injuries sustained repeatedly rolling one's eyes at their constant flopping and complaining to the refs.

No play encapsulates that dichotomy more than last night's epic Chris Paul-to-DeAndre Jordan all over the face of San Antonio Spurs wing Danny Green.

The play is amazing, but it's spoiled by Paul's bee-line to the official to complain about a Green foul that, if the point guard had seen the replay viewers at home saw, he'd know didn't exist.

Dear Chris. Please stop it. Please.

With Spurs leading scorer Kawhi Leonard out, the Clips won handily, 105-86.


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