Deion Sanders Gets Dunked On For Not Knowing Who All-Pro Safety Is

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Deion Sanders purports to be an NFL analyst, but he apparently doesn’t know a first-team All-Pro safety when he sees one online.

Soon after the Houston Texans inked Tyrann Mathieu to a one-year contract worth $7 million, Sanders took to the NFL Network to declare, “Honey Badger is the best safety in the game.”

The Hall of Famer‘s proclamation didn’t sit will with Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard, who tied for the NFL lead with eight interceptions as a second-year pro in 2017 and was named first-team All-Pro by the Associated Press, the Pro Football Writers of America, and Pro Football Focus.

In Sanders’ response, he appeared to believe Byard was merely a fan.

I was almost willing to believe Sanders’ apparent ignorance was really just intentional disrespect, but that’d invalidate his “I know who players feel is the best” assertion.

Deion’s Twitter account then went dark for five hours while Byard, the Titans, and fellow star defensive backs raked him.

Twitter wars, yet another thing Deion is afraid to tackle.