Deion Sanders “Can’t Say On TV” Why He Was Shocked By Troy Apke’s Blazing 40-Yard Dash

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Almost 30 years ago, Deion Sanders stunned scouts with a 40-yard dash time of 4.27 seconds at the 1989 NFL combine.

While Penn State safety Troy Apke didn’t quite match Neon Deion’s time, he got pretty damn close.

So close, that Deion couldn’t believe his eyes. Though he refused to say why.

“You know why I’m surprised,” Deion said during the broadcast of the event. “I can’t say it on TV but he can run run. … You don’t see that much, let’s call it what it is.”

After being clocked in unofficially at 4.35 seconds, his official time would be dropped to 4.34, easily the best time by a safety and just 0.02 seconds off the best time at the entire combine. He also led all safeties in the 20-yard shuttle run and tied for first in the three cone drill, and finished third at the position in the vertical jump and fourth in the broad jump.

This isn’t Sanders’ first time alluding to how the NFL world views white players at speed-reliant positions. A year ago, he accused others of not giving New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman a fair shake because of the color of his skin—you know, kinda like what he just did in the video above, and kinda like how some NFL teams are thirsty to move Lamar Jackson out from under center.

“I’m going the say this, you can run with it, they can say what they want — it’s like reverse racism,” Sanders told the NFL Network in January 2017. “I’m not lying. This is real talk. Julian Edelman, just because he is a caucasian receiver, they don’t give him the credit that he deserves. He deserves so much more. This kid can flat out play. There hasn’t been an answer for him over the last several years. Julian Edelman moves chains, he can get deep, he works between the numbers, works outside the numbers, he can throw the football, he can run the football — he does it all, man.”

Before the combine, Apke was projected to go in one of the final two rounds of the draft. But his performance on Monday will likely send him climbing up boards.