Derrick Henry Is Tearing It Up at the NFL Combine

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry is doing some freakish things at the NFL Combine.

The shock and awe began with Henry’s vertical jump, measuring in at a ridiculous 37 inches.

Just to give you some perspective, Henry came up just an inch short of Odell Beckham's jump from two years ago, but he weighs 50 pounds more.

The Alabama running back showed off some of that explosive speed in some on-field drills.

But nothing displays a player’s speed more than the 40-yard dash. Henry unofficially posted a 4.52 and a 4.54 (more freak-of-nature numbers for a running back of his size).

Henry was .04 away from Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott. However, when looking at the side-by-side comparison between the two (and Le’Veon Bell from three years ago), it becomes clear that Henry has the advantage in the acceleration category.

One NFL team is going to be very happy.

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