Brock Osweiler Loses Browns’ Starting Quarterback Battle To Rookie DeShone Kizer

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

A little over a week ago, Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas predicted Brock Osweiler would be the team’s Week 1 starter over rookie DeShone Kizer.

“I think they’re grooming Brock [Osweiler] to be the starter Week 1,” Thomas told reporters, according to “I don’t expect DeShone Kizer to be the starter Week 1. … Just because DeShone [Kizer] might be good in a few years doesn’t mean he’s ready now.”

Apparently head coach Hue Jackson disagreed. Kizer, selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, was all but named the starter earlier this week, when Jackson indicated Kizer will start Week 1 barring a complete disaster on Saturday, when the rookie will start a preseason game for the first time.

“I think he’s gotten better each and every week,” Jackson said on Wednesday. “He’s showing the characteristics that I look for in a quarterback.”

The head coach added: “In my mind, this young man is going to go and play extremely well.”

Even Thomas has been won over.

“It’s exciting to play with somebody that has that much passion for the game but also this team. He’s an Ohio kid, and I think he understands what’s happened here and he understands where he wants to take this team,” the six-time All-Pro said.

“You see the physical skills, obviously, and it’s fun watching him improve and the way he grows from practice to practice.”

Kizer’s been saying all the right things since receiving the good news.

“I obviously know there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with starting a game as far as preparation goes throughout the week and as far as the responsibilities that happen off the field and representing this team the right way,” the Notre Dame alum said. “As awesome as it is, it just means I have to work harder.”

But what to do with Osweiler, the man whose guaranteed $16 million salary in 2017 was the price the Browns had to endure to land a pair of draft picks in a trade with the Houston Texans earlier this offseason?

According to ESPN, the team is attempting to trade Osweiler again after trying and failing to do the same in March.

Good luck with that.