The Detroit Tigers Play a Brutal Version of Rock-Paper-Scissors

Bradley Whitaker
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Every major league ball club is looking to find some edge to help their team perform a little better. As any true baseball fan understands, it always seems to be the group with the most chemistry that wins the World Series every year. That being said, the Detroit Tigers have a truly bizarre way of bringing players together.

Detroit currently sits within range of catching the Cleveland Indians for first place in the AL Central and they’re right in the mix in the wild card race. So any bit of team camaraderie could make or break the season. Perhaps that’s why they came up with an intense version of rock-paper-scissors to help grow the win column.

Pitcher Justin Verlander posted the following on Instagram shortly before Wednesday’s getaway game against the Boston Red Sox.


Taking #rockpaperscissors to a whole new level. #daygame #wakeup #lockerroom #teammates @joseiglesias_ss @i.kinsler3

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Who knew baseball players could also get CTE?

Here’s another angle of the water jug strike, brought to you by the fine folks at Poland Spring.

That was shortstop Jose Iglesias who lost to second baseman Ian Kinsler.

Despite the lack of brain cells in the middle infield, Detroit managed to beat the Red Sox 4-3 to complete a three-game sweep.

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