Devin Hester Torches the Buccaneers, Breaks Deion Sanders’ Return Touchdown Record

James Lumalu
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Atlanta Falcons put on a shellacking on “Thursday Night Football,” downing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a ridiculous score of 56-14.

Matt Ryan was as precise as you can get, completing 21-of-24 passes for 286 yards and three touchdowns. 161 of those yards went to his favorite target, Julio Jones, who also hauled in two of Ryan’s three touchdowns.

But the night belonged to the multifaceted threat known as Devin Hester.

In the second quarter, Hester broke Deion Sanders’ return touchdowns record, breaking a 62-yard punt-return touchdown and giving him 20 on his career.

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It wasn’t just special teams, however, as Hester dashed in for a 20-yard touchdown run earlier in the second quarter:

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Oh, and he forced a fumble and recovered it, too:

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If you’re wondering if "Prime Time" had any issues with Hester breaking his record, he didn’t: