Did Travis Kelce Mock Tom Brady Right to His Face?

Bradley Whitaker
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The New England Patriots are back in the AFC Championship for the fifth straight season, in large part because they’re the most focused team in the NFL. If you throw a rock at the Pats, it typically bounces back and hits you in the face. Just ask Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

During the player introductions of last week’s divisional round game, quarterback and prophet Tom Brady ran to the corner of the end zone screaming like a maniac to pump himself up (as he often does). That’s when Kelce mocked Brady right to his face with his own celebration.


Game ready! Great win

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In his feature piece on Tom Brady (which I highly recommend reading), ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg described the encounter with Kelce:

“Against the Chiefs, he trotted the length of the field slowly, knowing it might be his last chance to soak in the atmosphere of Gillette Stadium this season. When he reached the end zone, he roared, slashing the air with a vigorous punch. Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, looking on from a few yards away, mocked Brady with a celebration of his own, punching the air and bobbing his head. Brady glanced at Kelce, acknowledging he had seen the gesture, but jogged away in a manner suggesting that lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.”

I love that line, “lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.”

Obviously things didn’t work out for Kelce, as the Chiefs lost 27-20 and Brady had another tremendous 300+ yard performance.

After watching the Patriots play for the last 24 years, I can honestly say the one thing you should not do is give them bulletin board material. The Broncos are also doing that this week (probably not a good idea).