Kings Hilariously Expose ‘Die-Hard’ Lakers Fans By Asking Them About Made-Up Rookies


(Photo: Twitter)

Winter is coming, and some Los Angeles Lakers fans cannot wait for rookies Shawn Carter and Ned Stark to take the famed Staples Center floor in the upcoming 2017-18 season—which is weird, because those players don’t exist.

Well, one of them exists, but neither of them will play a minute in the NBA next season. Because Shawn Carter is the real name of rapper Jay Z, and Ned Stark is the honorable (and, frankly, dumb) protagonist of the first season of Game of Thrones who (spoiler alert!) wouldn’t have his head connected to his shoulders long enough to see Season 2.

But Carter’s and Stark’s not suiting up in purple and gold didn’t stop the Sacramento Kings from going around at summer league and asking Lakers fans how the two “draftees” will do next season.

“We need some young blood. Right now, we’re in a little valley, but we’re going to come out. And, uh, I know Mr. Carter’s going to help us get to where we need to go,” one fan tells’s Shahbaz khan in the video below.

“I’m hoping he’ll do good, just like every rookie for my team,” another says of Ned Stark before putting his hand over his heart. “Because I’ve been die-hard fan since I was born.”

Right. Watch their lies and more below.