Dirk Nowitzki’s 10,000th Field Goal Is the Most Dirk Nowitzki Shot Ever

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Dirk Nowitzki knows that the retirement announcement of Kobe Bryant signals the end of their era.

"It's disappointing," Nowitzki said on Monday after the Dallas Mavericks' shootaround. "A lot of these warriors that were drafted in the '90s are slowly fading away. And it's obviously toward the end for us all. It's a little sad."

While the big German admitted he's getting up there in age, he doesn't appear ready to do the same.

Instead, on Monday night he became just the 13th player in NBA history to make 10,000 field goals.

And he did so on the most Dirk Nowitzki shot you'll ever see: his patented fadeaway from midrange.

What did you expect?



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