Donovan Mitchell Tries Talking Trash Back To Ben Simmons And Gets Owned Instead

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Donovan Mitchell fired off multiple responses to the shade Ben Simmons cast upon the Utah Jazz guard regarding their race to be Rookie of the Year.

But, much like his bid to be the season’s top rookie, Mitchell came up just short.

First, he dropped this subtweet following Simmons’ proclamation that no other rookies impressed him this season.

Then Mitchell showed up to Tuesday night’s matchup with the Golden State Warriors having donned a sweatshirt with the definition of “rookie” on it, referencing Simmons’ being drafted in 2016 and sitting out the 2016-17 season due to injury.

Petty, but pretty funny. There’s just one problem, one so problematic felt the need to weigh in: Mitchell’s definition directly contradicted the argument that Simmons, who didn’t play a single second last year, is not a real rookie.

Simmons, whose uncalled-for brashness began the rookie sparring, then dropped a metaphoric elbow on the entire debate.

Donovan, you’re a joy to watch and you seem like a great dude, but come pick up your L.