Is The 76ers Front Office Just Making The Markelle Fultz Situation Worse?

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

I enjoy mocking Bryan Colangelo’s nightmarish tenure at the helm of the 76ers as much as the next guy.

But the team’s front office remnants are going about distancing themselves from the resigned general manager’s moves all wrong.

According to The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor, Colangelo received pushback from his coworkers over his drafting Markelle Fultz after trading up for the No. 1 overall pick in 2017:

… after Fultz struggled in his workout with the Sixers last June, league sources say some Sixers front-office members suggested that despite making the trade, the team should have taken a second look at Tatum or Lonzo Ball. But the idea was shot down by Colangelo, according to sources. Fultz was the choice. There was no turning back.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume these sources work in the 76ers front office. Individuals who’d rather not be associated with a move that already appears to have blown up in the team’s face.

I get that inclination.

But there’s one problem: Fultz is still on the team, and he still has plenty of potential.

We can’t know for sure if a shoulder injury, a crisis of confidence, or both are at the root of the disappearance of Fultz’s once useful jump shot.

Considering his shoulder was healthy enough to do stuff like this in 2018, we can guess confidence played a role.

I’m no NBA general manager, but it seems unwise — and remarkably selfish — to announce that you regret drafting someone struggling with confidence. Particularly just one year after welcoming him into the fold.

Maybe Colangelo wasn’t the only idiot at the top of the 76ers.