Draymond Green And Kevin Durant Need To Get A Room In Latest ‘NBA 2K18’ Glitch

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Reddit.)

As the latest sports-based video game to reach the hands of eager gamers, NBA 2K18 is also the latest game to be found rife with glitches that often yield hilarious results.

The latest involves a Golden State Warriors star who’s already being ridiculed on social media for other reasons and one of his closest teammates: Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

In this image shared on Reddit by g3peddie, Durant appears to have fallen asleep with a content Green squatting on the 2017 NBA Finals MVP’s lap.

Green played a large role in recruiting Durant to the Warriors. According to the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, he started that process by calling Durant from the parking lot following Golden State’s Game 7 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 Finals.

“I look at it as we lost the Finals, but we ended up with KD,” Green said in June. “That’s a helluva consolation prize. … If we win the championship, I’m like 99 percent sure we don’t get him. There are silver linings to everything.”

Durant disputed the story not a week later, calling it “100 percent false.”

“No, he didn’t make that call. Not right after the game,” Durant said before getting frustrated with a reporter’s line of questioning.

“Why does it matter anymore?” Durant asked. “I’ve been talking about this all season now. I’m tired of it at this point. I’m not mad or anything, but at this point, it’s The Finals, I’m trying to stay where we are, I’m trying to stay locked in. It’s been a whole year now. I mean, it’s over.”

Green and Durant aren’t the only Warriors to have fallen victim to an NBA 2K18 glitch.

In one player’s MyGM mode, JaVale McGee is apparently a billionaire—because he’s paying the Brooklyn Nets over $2 billion for the right to play with a lineup that makes this year’s Nets look like the Showtime Lakers.

Thankfully for this fictional version of the Shaqtin’ a Fool legend, the following season he’s set to have money come in the opposite direction from Brooklyn.


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