Draymond Green Assessed Flagrant 1 for Groin Shot, Suspended for Game 5


(Photo: Getty)

After multiple players took shots to the groin from Draymond Green (including poor Steven Adams, twice), it took an incident with LeBron James for the league to finally step in and hand the Golden State Warriors forward a suspension.

Although the NBA didn’t directly suspend Draymond on Sunday, they handed him a Flagrant 1 for his nutshot on LeBron in Game 4.

While it’s hard to argue Draymond’s swipe at LeBron wasn’t intentional (I’m sure there are plenty of Warriors fans who still think he’s innocent), the real question is James’ role in the kerfuffle. Did he initiate conflict by stepping over Green?


Regardless, Draymond is being suspended because he earned his fourth flagrant foul point in Game 4. Even if LeBron gets a harsher penalty, it won’t have any impact.

This hurts Golden State’s chances at closing out the NBA Finals at home on Monday. But it certainly doesn’t make them an underdog.