Draymond Green: I Learned to Flop From Russell Westbrook


(Photo: Getty)

As Draymond Green awaits a ruling on his kick to the groin of Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams, the Golden State Warriors big man would like to divert your attention away from his recent actions and direct them to those of OKC guard Russell Westbrook.

According to Green, he took his flopping cues from the Thunder All-Star.

"You know Russell [Westbrook] said I did it on purpose, but he's a part of the superstar group that started all this acting in the NBA," Green said before his team's practice on Monday. "I didn't. So, I sold the call. [The official] called me that way. I sold the call."

He then went even deeper on Westbrook, claiming the OKC guard kicked him earlier in the contest.

"Russell Westbrook kicked me at the end of the half. He just didn't happen to catch me where I happened to caught Steve Adams at. So, no, I'm not bracing for the worst …" said the guy who recently did this.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr agreed that Westbrook is just as guilty as Green.

"[Green] tried to sell it," Kerr said. "He kicked his leg up. To me, it's no different from Westbrook kicking his legs out on the threes when he feels like there's contact."

Westbrook brushed off the criticism, however.

"I've never been fined for one flop since I've been playing in the NBA … I don't know how to flop," he said. "Seems like he was the one flailing and kicking his legs out yesterday. It wasn't me."

The NBA said they would rule on a possible suspension for Green by the end of Monday. But Adams doesn't think it matters either way if Draymond plays in Game 4.