Draymond Green Just Barely Beats Kevin Hart in 1-on-1 Three-Point Contest

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

The NBA had a surprise in store for fans during All-Star Weekend.

And Kevin Hart had a surprise for the NBA.

In the middle of Saturday night's festivities, Hart and Draymond Green went toe-to-toe in a not publicly scheduled three-point shootout.

The Golden State Warriors star shot first and put up a weak 12 points.

Hart had 11 before hoisting up his final shot.

It went in, and though many outlets reported that the pair tied, it's clear the official, whose job it is to determine whether participants are behind the three-point line or not, gave the signal that Hart was indeed shooting that final shot from two-point range:

GettyStill, judging by the "trophy ceremony"—that featured some highly scripted trash talk and a trophy with Green's picture already on it—it's fairly obvious the powers that be assumed the contest wouldn't be close.

It was. And now Green's opponents have ammo to use against one of the league's most noted talkers.