Draymond Green Kicks Blake Griffin in the Shoulder Because Draymond Green

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

As far as basketball goes, Thursday night did not feature Draymond Green at his best.

The two-time Defensive Player of the Year runner-up committed five fouls and six turnovers in just 23 minutes of action, racking up seven points.

But as far as his quest to kick every NBA player before his career is over? Let's just say that after the game he got to go to his locker, pull out his notebook emblazoned with the words "People to Kick," and check off the name "Blake Griffin" with a big grin, sticking his tongue out as he executed the mark.

Near the close of the opening quarter, Green and Los Angeles Clippers guard Raymond Felton hit the deck in search of a loose ball. Griffin came to Felton's aid, only to have his shoulder met by the foot of Draymond, who thankfully couldn't at the moment conceive of a way to stuff his foot into Griffin's nuts or face. So he settled for an upper body shot.

The Clippers took a 12-point lead into halftime, but were no match for a 50-point performance from the Golden State Warriors in the third quarter alone, which sparked a 123-113 Dubs victory. It's the first 50-point quarter in almost three years.

"I'm not sure what needed to happen but I know we took that quarter over, and it was pretty spectacular," Green said after the game, probably glancing at the Brooklyn Nets roster (the Warriors' next opponents) to pick out his next victim. "It was a fun night."

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