Draymond Green Kicks Russell Westbrook in the Face, Kevin Durant in the Shoulder

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Kevin Durant is listed at 6'9" tall, but he's actually closer to seven feet.

Which is why it'd take a truly special feat for someone to karate kick him in the shoulders. It just so happens that the Golden State Warriors employ Draymond Green, an expert at kicking who has apparently taken his newfound permission to kick anyone anywhere he wants and ran with it.

Green "flailed" again in his team's Game 5 win to connect his foot with Durant's shoulder.

Harmless, but only because it didn't happen to catch the Oklahoma City Thunder star in the face. That doesn't make it not wildly dangerous.

Green would do that too, though, kicking Russell Westbrook right in the damn grill for no other reason than he's allowed to now because he's always done it.

Remind me again how the fact that Green has been pulling this incredibly dangerous crap for years now somehow justifies it?

Neither play was officiated as a foul because, again, Draymond is allowed to kick people now.

Any why wouldn't he stop? The league sanctioned the world's most dangerous flops, so they're here to stay until someone is critically injured.


And, as Steven Adams—Green's previous victim—showed, the person that pays the ultimate price may be one of Green's teammates.

Though Green's accidentally kicking a fellow Warrior is a possibility, I'm talking more about retaliation.

Like this elbow Adams delivered to the face of Shaun Livingston.

Livingston can thank Green for that one.

But no one will be suspended because they're not Dahntay Jones.

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