Draymond Green Kicks Steven Adams in the Nuts for the Second Game in a Row

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Draymond Green continued his assault on anyone or anything that can be described as "down under."

While his Golden State Warriors were getting crushed by the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Green tried to do some crushing of his own—of the nuts of the Thunder's New Zealander center Steven Adams.

If this were a first-time offense, Dray might get the benefit of the doubt. But considering (A) he caught the Thunder's burly bruiser in the same spot in the teams' previous game, (B) there were exactly zero reasons for him to be jutting his leg out at the last moment like that, and (C) just look at this damning-ass picture …

… well, you're getting whistled for a flagrant 1.

Green hilariously claimed his Bobby Hill impression wasn't intentional.

"I followed through on a shot. I'm not trying to kick somebody in the men's section," Green lied. "I'm sure he wants to have kids one day. I'm not trying to end that on the basketball court. That don't make sense. I brought the ball over the top this way [makes motion], he fouled me, and I brought my leg up. I mean, I know my core's not strong enough to stop my leg halfway from wherever it was going.

"Honestly, I didn't know I hit him," he kept lying. "I walked to the 3-point line and clapped everybody's hand, and I turned around and he was on the floor. I'm like, 'What happened?' I'm standing at the 3-point line, I look at [Andrew] Bogut, and he looked at the replay, and he was like [cringes]. So then I looked at the replay, like, 'Uh oh.'"

He then lied some more: "But like I said, I thought it would get rescinded because I'm not trying to kick him. I was following through on the shot, and my leg went up. So no, I don't think I'll get suspended. I don't know how anyone could possibly say I did that on purpose, regardless of the way it looked."

After getting demolished 133-105, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr defended Green, even going so far as to suggest the league should change its mind about the flagrant 1 assessed to Green.

"Stuff like that happens all the time. There's contact, people's arms, legs flailing. If they think it's on purpose, play the game, you know. This stuff happens all the time. [Russell] Westbrook kicks his feet out on every 3, and there is contact. I mean, that's just part of the game," he also lied. "So I don't understand how that can be deemed a flagrant 1. I think it should be rescinded."

In typical Adams fashion, the big man brushed it off.

Russell Westbrook wasn't too happy, either.

It's possible the league will take further action against Green. The NBA suspened Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dahntay Jones for essentially doing the same thing to the Toronto Raptors' Bismack Biyombo on Saturday.


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