Oh Great, Draymond Green Is Allowed To Physically Assault Anthony Davis Now

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Defending Anthony Davis in the second round of the playoffs just got a whole lot easier for the Warriors.

Because Draymond Green learned that he can practice for his future WWE career on the Pelicans superstar without repercussion.

I mean, look at this crap right here from the Warriors’ Game 2 victory for a 2-0 series lead.

I actually agree with the official that there were two fouls on this play.

But they were both committed by Draymond. And they were both dangerous enough that the league should consider suspension.

First, Draymond locked AD’s arm and pulled it down with him on his way to the floor. Kelly Olynyk was suspended one game for injuring Kevin Love with a similar arm drag three years ago.

Then, as you can see at the 0:36 and 0:44 marks, Green slyly grabbed Davis’ knee and pulled it sideways.

Sure, we can give Draymond credit for the “veteran move” of making it appear to the official standing two feet away that both sides were at fault, if you wanna give props to a guy who genuinely could care less if he doles out a career-altering injury to one of the game’s best players.

It’s almost as if the officials on hand were wholly unaware of Green’s existence until last night — unaware that, come the playoffs, Draymond’s willingness to maim opponents soars to the heights of one of his infamous kicks.