Duke’s Grayson Allen Trips FSU Player, Gets Away With It

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Duke guard Grayson Allen makes Christian Laettner look like Barney the dinosaur.

Sure, Laettner actually stomped on Aminu Timberlake’s chest during his time at Duke, but Grayson still has plenty of season left and he’s already tripped two players.

The first incident occurred less than three weeks ago while Louisville was in Durham. Allen was issued a Flagrant 1 for sticking his foot out while Raymond Spalding was trying to start a fast break.

But Allen is becoming wiser. He’s still dirty as hell, but now he knows how to get away with it.

The sophomore did it again with just 3.4 seconds left in Thursday’s blowout victory over Florida State. Allen tripped Xavier Rathan-Mayes by clearly sticking his foot back to send the guard tumbling.

Unlike last time, Allen wasn’t penalized.

Hopefully Coach K cracks the whip and puts an end to this. If not, don’t be surprised if the NCAA steps in.

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