After Trade, Dwight Howard Has A Whole New Set Of Teammates To Piss Off

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Dwight Howard has played for five teams in the last seven years.

And he’s about to join his sixth.

Howard spent eight seasons manning the middle for the Orlando Magic.

And those years were fruitful; the burly center carried them to the NBA Finals in 2009. Then to the Eastern Conference Finals a year later.

But, beginning with his departure from Orlando, he’s apparently pissed off every organization he’s been to.

That Orlando debacle was so long and excruciating, it earned the title “The Dwightmare.”

Next stop: the Lakers, where he tried to fight Kobe Bryant during a contentious season. Lakers fans still hate him.

Then, the Rockets. Howard and James Harden shared a visible distaste for one another, and the GM allegedly told Howard, “We don’t want you to be [more involved].”

The Hawks were so happy to be rid of Howard when they traded him to the Hornets that players were “screaming with jubilation” upon hearing the news.

What say you, Hornets?

As is tradition.

On talent and finances alone, this is a wise trade for the Nets, who are taking on one year of Howard’s bad contract and unloading two years of Mozgov’s even worse deal, freeing up space for two max contracts a year from now.

The team has made a point of changing their culture in the wake of the sorry state the previous administration left them in.

I can think of no greater test of that new culture than Dwight Howard.