Dwyane Wade And Bulls Agree On Buyout, 4 Teams Are Already Pursuing Him

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Dwyane Wade’s return to his hometown didn’t last long.

After 13 seasons and three championships as a member of the Miami Heat, the 12-time All-Star joined the Chicago Bulls a year ago when he and Pat Riley couldn’t come to a contract agreement.

It took a lot less time for his relationship with the rebuilding Bulls to go stale, as he turned down roughly $8 million of his $23.8 million in 2017-18 salary to re-enter free agency.

Many Bulls fans, numbed by a painfully incompetent front office, felt indifferently about the move.

There’s an obvious frontrunner for his services: the Cleveland Cavaliers, who employ Wade’s good friend and former teammate LeBron James, and who should be able to waltz to the NBA Finals for a fourth season in a row.

They’ve apparently promised Wade a starting spot if he ends up in Cleveland.

Also said to be after Wade’s services: his former squad, the Miami Heat; perennial contenders the San Antonio Spurs; and a dark horse that we have to believe has an actual shot following their magical offseason, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Those teams can’t offer Wade much in the form of compensation …

… but considering he just got handed a check for $16 million to do nothing, something tells me the disparity between Miami’s space and OKC’s isn’t going to make the difference.