Dwyane Wade Denies Saying That Gabrielle Union Does NSFW Things To His Butt

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

Dwyane Wade and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been ass this year, falling behind the pack in the East, and sitting just two slots out of the bottom of the conference.

But when the former All-Star took to Twitter to dump his frustrations on Sunday night, it wasn’t about the Cavs’ shitty play that’s led to a 4-6 record, but addressing and firing back at an obvious joke that he’d apparently taken seriously.

Here’s the joke Tweet that Wade suspiciously overreacted to.

Seriously, how could you read that and sincerely believe someone was genuinely trying to pass it as truth? The words “my butt” are blatanly a different-size font. Still, believe he did.

Wade responded by calling it fake news.

His fellow Twitter users couldn’t believe Wade had bought it.

The shooting guard can thank his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, for his being the butt of this joke.

During an appearance on Sway in the Morning to promote her new book, Union proclaimed that men who say they don’t like having their butt eaten are lying.

“That’s what they say, that’s what they’re saying,” she said. “That’s not what’s happening.”

Two weeks later, she added to the big stink by describing the couple’s sex life as “Yummy, mysterious, and honest.”

Maybe a little too honest for Wade’s liking.