LeBron James’ Cavaliers Teammates Didn’t Want His Pal Dwyane Wade On The Team


(Photo: Getty Images)

For the second year, and second team, in a row, some of Dwyane Wade’s teammates really wish he weren’t on the team. Thankfully for him, LeBron James has just a bit more say in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster decisions.

According to a piece from the Athletic’s Jason Lloyd, only “a short list” of Cavaliers teammates were on board with adding the 36-year-old Wade to the team this offseason.

“There was a couple guys with it,” LeBron said of his desire to add Wade, with whom he went to four straight NBA Finals and won two championships as a member of the Miami Heat. “But it wasn’t a lot.”

That got on the four-time MVP’s nerves.

“I still know what he’s capable of doing,” LeBron said. “Why wouldn’t you want another guy in the locker room that brings a championship mentality and a guy who can still play? So, of course, it bothered me, but f**k it. It is what it is.”

Wade is averaging an inefficient 11.1 points on 10 shots per game, primarily coming off the bench. He’s still one of the more prolific shot-blocking guards in the league, but a lot of that has to do with his desire to roam and freelance on that end, which results in open looks for his man more often than it does in his making a positive play.

In August, it was reported that Wade had become an issue in the Chicago Bulls locker room.

“The reality for Dwyane is, he was sold as the guy who was going to help everybody in that locker room,” said reporter Nick Friedell. “And he did for a couple months, and then there was that big blowup with Jimmy Butler in January. The young players on the Bulls really can’t stand Dwyane. It’s like the little secret in Chicago, they have had enough.”

Already, Wade doesn’t sound too stoked about his role in Cleveland: “I’ve never played 14 minutes before and I’ve done that a few times this year. I don’t give a **** how many shots I miss in 14 minutes. In my whole career, that’s not enough time for me to struggle. I can go 0-for-9, but then I can hit five out of my next six, I can make a big block or steal. So when I play 25-plus, that’s enough time to see how my night is going. When I don’t, it’s tough. I’m a rhythm player. If I’m not getting in a rhythm, I’m useless.”

Maybe Dwyane Wade’s teammates, both in Chicago and Cleveland, were right not to want him around.