Earl Thomas Rips Tom Brady for Having ‘Easiest’ Playoff Route: ‘Put His Ass in Our Division’


(Photo: Getty Images)

Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas has earned a reputation as one of the hardest-hitting defensive backs in the NFL.

On Saturday, even his broken tibia—which he suffered in Week 13, ending his season and possibly his career (should he retire, as he's hinted at)—couldn't keep him from laying some hits on a quarterback … through Twitter, that is.

After the New England Patriots easily handled the Houston Texans for a 34-16 victory to advance to the AFC Championship, Thomas called out quarterback Tom Brady, accusing him of having an easy schedule and suggesting the two-time MVP wouldn't fare so well in the Seahawks' NFC West.

Thomas—whose team lost to the Atlanta Falcons earlier on Saturday—went on to say he "owned" Brady in this season's Pats–Seahawks game and called New England fans "brainwashed."

One thing the three-time All-Pro isn't wrong about: This season has been about as close to a cakewalk as it can get for Brady, schedule-wise.

However, as FTW notes, Brady's career numbers against the NFC West are almost identical to his against the AFC East:

vs. AFC East:
62.3 comp. %
7.28 yards-per-attempt
95.3 passer rating

vs. NFC West:
63.9 comp. %
7.47 yards-per-attempt
93.4 passer rating

Plus, thanks to housing the miserable San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams, the NFC West's combined 23 victories in 2016 ranked them dead last.

Thomas finished up by noting his competitiveness and calling the Patriots his team's "biggest rivals."

It's not like Thomas disrespects the Patriots, though. Earlier this season, he offered a highly classy response upon learning he'd injured Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski with one of his bone-crunching hits.