Rookie Eddie Jackson Turns 2 Cam Newton Turnovers Into 76- And 75-Yard Touchdowns

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

A year ago to the day, Alabama safety Eddie Jackson had his season end thanks to a broken leg. To commemorate the anniversary, he turned a pair of turnovers from a former Auburn quarterback—now known as former NFL MVP Cam Newton—into record-setting touchdowns in the pros.

The Chicago Bears rookie picked up a Newton fumble after a backward pass had backfired, returning it for 75 yards.

Newton failed to back up the play, only giving chase to Jackson once it was too late. This isn’t the first time he’s eased up with the ball on the ground.

Less than a quarter later, Jackson picked the Carolina Panthers quarterback off and ran 76 yards for his second score.

Jackson is the first player in history with multiple defensive touchdowns of 75 or more yards.

Newton added a third turnover, another interception, but managed to avoid Jackson that time around.

“It started with the guys up front,” Jackson said after his team’s 17-3 victory. “[Adrian] Amos was the first guy there on the fumble. I was just able to recover it and make something happen.”

The safety accounted for the only touchdowns in the game. Newton completed 21 of 34 passes for just 211 yards. He added 50 yards on the ground to go with his three turnovers.