Watch This 15-Year-Old Dunk From Behind The Free-Throw Line


(Photo: Instagram)

Efe Abogidi is only 15 years old, and already he’s joined the elite ranks of Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon, and Giannis Antetokounmpo as a basketball player who can take off from the free-throw line and throw down a slam dunk.

But unlike the in-game attempts from the NBA stars above, the youngster from Nigeria managed his long-distance slam not from the free-throw line, or just inside it—no, in this clip, Abogidi is clearly behind the charity stripe.

Of course, being 6’10” doesn’t hurt.

That event happened in May, but it only started making the rounds on Thursday, when the NBA shared the video.

He can also do this.


Efe Abogidi going way way ⬆️for the lob! NBA Global Academy team taking on Gunners Academy in Australia 🐰🏀🐰🏀 #NBAAcademy

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Efe Abogidi plays for NBA Academy Africa, the league’s sixth international elite training center and its first in Africa.

From NBA Academy Africa’s website:

The NBA and SEED Project (Sports for Education and Economic Development), a non-profit organization based in Thies, Senegal, that uses basketball as a platform to engage youth in academic, athletic and leadership programs, have partnered to launch The NBA Academy Africa. An elite basketball training center in Thies for the top male and female prospects from throughout Africa, The NBA Academy Africa is the first of its kind on the continent. Twelve elite male prospects will be selected following scouting programs conducted with local federations across Africa and elite skills camps hosted in Thies. All twelve prospects will receive scholarships and training at The NBA Academy Africa.

“Today is an important milestone for the growth of basketball on the continent as we begin to welcome the first group of young student athletes who will form the inaugural roster of NBA Academy Africa,” said Amadou Gallo Fall, vice president and managing director of NBA Africa, after the opening of the training center, which is in its first year. “NBA Academy Africa will provide student athletes with world-class, comprehensive training and education so they have the resources to achieve on the court and in life. I’d like to thank SEED for sharing our commitment to building a predictable path for African youth, and I am confident we will see the number of African players in the NBA continue to grow because of this initiative.”

In other words, start fitting Abogidi for a Kentucky Wildcats jersey now.