Giants Owner Throws Coach Under The Bus For Bungled Eli Manning Benching


(Photo: Getty Images)

Not that one needs more evidence to know that New York Giants owner John Mara is a scumbag, but here goes: He’s attempting to wash his hands of the bungled Eli Manning benching, and throwing the blame on lame-duck head coach Ben McAdoo.

While Mara admitted to playing a role in the Eli Manning benching, he placed the poor revelation of the decision to Manning on McAdoo’s shoulders.

“[General manager Jerry Reese] called me on Monday … to tell me that Ben was going to be speaking to Eli to let him know that he was going to continue to start the game(s) — he was going to start the game on Sunday — but that at some point Geno (Smith) would come into the game,” Mara told reporters on Wednesday.

“Tuesday morning, Jerry called me and said that Eli had informed Ben that if you’re gonna play Geno in the second half, you may as well just start him. ‘It’s not fair to him, it’s not fair to me. I think that would be the best decision going forward.'”

But that’s apparently not what the owner wanted.

“I didn’t necessarily think [Manning had to come out at the] half,” Mara said. “I think if he’s playing well in the first half, we’re winning the game, it looks like we’ve got a chance, the offense is clicking, I would argue then keep him in the game. But having him definitively come out at the end of the first half, I can understand why he would object to that.”

If the owner wanted to make a switch at quarterback only if a game were out of reach, why did it seem mandated that backup Geno Smith would enter in the second half?

“Well it was presented the way Ben thought it ought to be presented,” Mara said.”And could we have done it differently? I guess you argue that we could’ve, yes.”

Mara wouldn’t guarantee that the long-embarrassing McAdoo would last the season on the sideline.

“There’s no guarantees in life,” Mara said. “I made my statement on that a couple of weeks ago, but there are no guarantees in life.” He also cast doubt on Reese’s job security: “I’m not going to address their job status. We obviously have some decisions to make in the offseason.”

It’s too bad Mara, who knew of average kicker Josh Brown’s history of domestic violence before it’d come to light, and only parted ways with Brown after that public revelation, almost definitely won’t also fire himself.