ESPN Needs To Go To TV Jail For Cutting To Commercial During Lakers’ Buzzer-Beater Attempt

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

ESPN had one job: Show NBA fans every second of Wednesday night’s matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Not only did the Disney-owned global television network fail miserably in their quest, the seconds they deprived their viewers of were, to that point, the most crucial ticks in the contest.

With the game tied at 108, Lakers rookie Josh Hart drove to the rack and lofted a potential game-winning layup with under a second remaining in regulation.

But as the rock floated in midair, the broadcast cut briefly to commercial.

Much like the finale of “The Sopranos,” it had viewers pawing at the remote and wondering if something was wrong with their television.

Here’s the actual play, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

The network managed not to wet themselves for five minutes of overtime, when the Lakers claimed a 122-112 victory.

ESPN’s epic screwup was immortalized by Reddit user kaushalt18, who added the brief section of commercial to classic NBA moments.

Pack your things, guy whose job it is to push a button while teams aren’t playing basketball, you’ll never see the inside of a control room again.