ESPNU Returns From Commercial Break to Bill Walton Ranting About Marijuana Legalization

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Streamable.)

Bill Walton is both one of sports' greatest potheads, and one of stonerdom's greatest athletes.

The NBA Hall of Famer has never been busted for marijuana, that we're aware of, but the 1978 MVP continues to be a cannabis activist at the age of 64. Getting ripped is a tradition he's enjoyed at least since his days at UCLA, where he was part of three national championship teams.

“[UCLA head coach John] Wooden let Bill smoke pot but not the other players,” Walton's first wife, Susie, told New York Times Magazine in 2001.

But even without an eye-witness account, not many wouldn't conclude this guy was stoned.

Leading up to the college football national championship on Monday night, ESPNU featured Walton, who knows little about football but a lot about super bowls, on their ESPN Voices segment.

The program returned from a commercial to find Walton, looking like Uncle Sam's dad at a Grateful Dead concert and sitting next to a very uncomfortable Jay Bilas, in the middle of a rant about marijuana legalization.

After declaring that President Barack Obama should pardon marijuana-related offenders, he drew applause from some members of the panel, most loudly NFL Hall of Famer and shark attack victim Warren Sapp.

This isn't close to the Portland Trail Blazers legend's first weed-related rant.

In early 2015, he made a case against college athletics' ban on weed during a game between Oregon and Washington.


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