Fake Klay Thompson Fools Warriors Fans And Employees At Oracle Arena

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: BigDawsTv / YouTube)

Not even a second Klay Thompson could save the Golden State Warriors in their season-opening loss to the Houston Rockets.

Probably because the second one isn’t as tall, as in shape, or as good at basketball. He’s also not allowed to be on the court, because he’s Fake Klay Thompson, or YouTube star Daws of BigDawsTv.

For those watching the game, it was hard not to notice a bizarro world Klay enjoying the contest from behind the Warriors bench.

By halftime, Fake Klay Thompson was already a meme.

Steve Kerr even took the time to address the situation after a one-point loss. Really, he just made jokes about the guy’s weight.

Fake Klay wasn’t fooling anyone during the game; not when the real, much taller thing was just feet away. But before tipoff, he managed to fool some fans and Oracle Arena employees into thinking he was the real deal. A useful tactic: driving around the parking lot helped conceal the fact that Daws is nowhere near 6’7″.

This isn’t Fake Klay’s first appearance. Back in 2015, Daws pulled the same prank by challenging college kids to play him on campus.