Last-Minute Game-Winning Touchdown Slips Through Julio Jones’ Hands

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Though the Atlanta Falcons‘ 2017 season didn’t end as painfully as their 2016 campaign had, this time their Super Bowl dreams truly slipped through the Falcons’ hands.

That is, it slipped through Julio Jones’ hands.

On fourth-and-goal, two yards shy of the end zone and trailing 15-10 to the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, the Falcons dialed up a play that had quarterback Matt Ryan roll out to his right. 

Ryan’s favorite receiver slipped, recovered, then had the game-winning pass go right through his hands.

Here it is from another angle.

And another.

One more.

Ryan’s reaction says it all.

The receiver still hauled in nine catches for 101 yards.

Sure, Jones’ feet didn’t come down in bounds, but for all we know he’d given up on working his feet inside by the time he lost control of the ball.

Instead, his Falcons are going home, and the Nick Foles-led Eagles are headed to the NFC Championship Game.