Oh No, Now LiAngelo Ball Is Just As Delusional About His Joining The Lakers As LaVar

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

I’m not sure whether to feel bad for LiAngelo Ball.

For all we know, he didn’t ask for this; for a dad to parade him around as something even close to resembling an NBA player. 

But then I remember that he’s 19. And that he can get off the publicity ride whenever he wants.

Until he does that, I guess it’s OK to enjoy the sheer delusion that seems to have rubbed off from father LaVar Ball.

LiAngelo wasn’t scooped up in the NBA draft.

And the Lakers, and everyone else, denied him a roster spot in the summer league — a low bar, considering I just saw a 29-year-old Byron Mullens doing something kinda like basketball in a summer league game.

Still, LiAngelo thinks he’ll end up in purple and gold, playing alongside big brother Lonzo Ball.


“Probably later,” he recently told TMZ.

Yeah, guys, maybe I’ll get around to playing for one of the winningest franchises in NBA history later, if I feel like it.

Perhaps when the market for 6’4″ guys with limited athleticism (by NBA standards) who can’t dribble and are barely mildly decent at shooting dries up, LiAngelo can swoop in.

If he really wants to, LiAngelo could move to Europe and make a decent living playing a game, albeit likely in less desirable portions of the continent.

But he’s not making an NBA roster, unless Lonzo manages to pull out some of the same magic J.R. Smith used to get his brother a single minute of playing time in 2013.