Twitter Annihilates Fergie For Butchering National Anthem At NBA All-Star Game

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

If you, like I, foolishly tuned into the NBA All-Star Game at its advertised start time expecting to see, you know, NBA All-Stars playing basketball, you were about 40 minutes too early.

Instead, for that grueling, cringeworthy span before tipoff, you were subjected to a significant dose of Kevin Hart’s continued unwanted presence at NBA All-Star Weekends, followed by a memorable rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Fergie.

And not memorable in the good way. More memorable in a Marilyn Monroe-having-a-stroke-while-strangling-a-mutant-lizard-slash-panda way.

Some players—most notably Draymond Green—and fans struggled to hold in their laughter with the camera on them.

I know.

So ripe for lambasting was Fergie’s performance, that Twitter couldn’t stop roasting the Black Eyed Peas singer who’s apparently been forgotten for a reason.

So far, in a game known for lacking in defensive intensity, players are defending each other harder than even the biggest Fergie stan could defend their girl’s performance.

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