Someone Bet $880,000 On Floyd Mayweather To Beat Conor McGregor

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Floyd Mayweather stands to make a lot of money should he best Conor McGregor in their much-anticipated cross-sport boxing match on August 26 in Las Vegas—and according to him, he needs it.

But Mayweather is not the only one who’d rake in serious dough after a victory over the former two-weight UFC champion. Whoever made this $880,000 bet on the undefeated boxing champion would receive a profit of $160,000 with a Mayweather win.

The bet was so big, in fact, that it had to be broken up into two bets of $440,000. As you’ll notice in the image above, the original receipt noted a profit of $120,000, instead of the $160,000 the bettor should receive.

According to ESPN, the error occurred because the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, where the wager was placed, has a bookmaking system that can’t account for payouts larger than $1 million. Should Mayweather win, this anonymous bettor will pull in a total payout of $1.04 million.

Less than a week after the fight was announced, the majority of bets taken on the bout were placed on McGregor, though the total money overwhelmingly favored Mayweather.

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