Malcolm Jenkins Ripped “Front-Runner” Stephen Curry After Seeing Him On Patriots Sideline

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Stephen Curry is inarguably the most famous Carolina Panthers fan. But when forced to decide between an underdog that’s never won a Super Bowl and a dynasty that’s drowning in rings, the Golden State Warriors star appeared to opt for the latter, the New England Patriots, over the Philadelphia Eagles, because he was standing on their sideline.

This supposed Kevin Durant-esque turn to the easy side didn’t sit well with Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, who, on the field before the game, ripped the two-time NBA MVP for being a “front-runner.”

“See! I knew I didn’t like Steph Curry,” Jenkins said not long before his massive hit would knock Brandin Cooks out of the game. “I knew I didn’t like Steph Curry. That’s your boy. That’s your boy. Steph Curry. Front-runner.”

During the game, the stadium showed Curry on the jumbotron, and he was promptly booed.

The booing didn’t bother him, however.

“I get booed every where we go on the road,” Curry told reporters of his trip to the Super Bowl. “It made me feel welcomed there. … They were booing Tom Brady the whole game and he obviously represents the championship kind of pedigree. So it means you’re doing something right if people hate you.”

Curry has claimed he was rooting for the Eagles, but he was seen on the Patriots’ sideline wearing Patriots colors.

Sounds like he was prepared for either outcome. You know, like a front-runner.