Gabrielle Union Roasts Dwyane Wade Over Missed Dunk

Joe Welkie
(Photo: Getty)

Father time eventually catches up with all athletes. Despite being physical specimens of nature and having the bodies of gods, once a player reaches a certain age, it's impossible for them to carry on playing like they used to. That age is different for every player, but it would appear Father Time is finally catching up with Dwyane Wade.

During a playoff game against the Boston Celtics, Wade got his hands on the ball after a steal, and went for a pretty standard dunk. Wade didn't get enough air on his jump and the rim stuffed Wade's attempt. It was super embarrassing and probably demoralizing for Wade and his Chicago Bulls.

When Bleacher Report aired the "highlight," they asked the question, "Who moved the rim on D-Wade?" Well, his wife Gabrielle Union had the perfect response and some comedy to lighten the mood for the former NBA champ.

Nothing like a good, old-fashioned roasting from your wife. I'm sure Wade will remember to jump a bit higher next time he wants to dunk, as well as put the toilet seat down.

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