Watch Georgia Fans Melt Down After Alabama’s Improbable Title-Winning Touchdown

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

If you were, as a generic sports fan with no actual horse in the race, disappointed to see powerhouse Alabama win another national title while turning aside the Georgia Bulldogs, who haven’t won the big one in 37 years, just imagine how Dawg Nation feels.

Actually, scratch that, you don’t need to imagine anything—just watch all these videos of Georgia fans losing it after Tua Tagovailoa’s miracle 41-yard touchdown connection with wideout DeVonta Smith gave Alabama a stunning walk-off victory.

This guy was at a loss for words before sipping a can of Coke from the last time Georgia won a national title, January 1981.

This door couldn’t withstand the wrath of one mad Dawgs fan.

And this actual dog wasn’t pleased either.

Some Georgia fans just sat in stunned silence.

Watch this group go from lit to quit in zero seconds.

Here’s hundreds of Georgians going silent in an instant.

And here’s clips of suffering Bulldogs supporters mixed in with jubilant Crimson Tide celebrations.

It’s been a rough 11 months for Georgia natives.