The Georgia Tech Cornerback Who Knocked His Teammate Out Did It Again Later That Day

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Lance Austin apparently didn’t learn his lesson when fellow starting Georgia Tech cornerback Step Durham knocked him out cold with a vicious right hook at a school athletic facility.

The incident occurred before the season, in the spring, but the video of the altercation surfaced last week.

Now we know that Austin apparently came back for more later that day—and once again ended up on his back, seeing stars and his teammate huddled over him.

Georgia Tech told TMZ, who unearthed both videos, that the second fight is “part of the same incident that our coaching staff was aware of” and that both players had been punished for their actions. Neither player missed playing time due to the brawls.

“Taking disputes to a physical level is never the answer and I hope my peers take note of my mistake,” Durham said in a statement when the original video surfaced. “I’m deeply sorry for my actions and, being an adult, I understand that consequences and judgment come with the actions shown. I hope to prove to those who don’t know me that I’m not a violent person whatsoever. I would respectfully ask those that have viewed the video not judge or categorize Lance or me based on what they saw in the video alone.

“The incident occurred during the spring, which gave Lance and me an opportunity to discuss the matter and put it aside a long time ago. Lance and I have always had a brother-like relationship and brothers sometimes fight but, as I said before, the situation should have been handled in a more mature manner. I’m glad that even after the incident, our friendship remains strong.”

Austin added that he’d accepted Durham’s apology.

“A lot has been made today of an incident that happened months ago. The video snippet of that incident is not beneficial to anyone. Step Durham apologized and we long ago put that incident behind us. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no further need for an apology. I forgave him already and we have since played well together as teammates this season. Like Step said, as brothers, we have put our aside our differences and our friendship remains strong.”

The 5-6 Yellow Jackets didn’t qualify for a bowl game.