Of Course Derek Jeter’s Marlins Traded Giancarlo Stanton To The Yankees

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Though Derek Jeter is now the CEO and co-owner of the Miami Marlins, he continues to be a New York Yankees hero.


After vetoing trades in place with the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants via his no-trade clause, Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton accepted a deal that will send him (and $30 million of the $295 million in salary owed to him over the next decade) to the Yanks for a laughable fee: infielder Starlin Castro and two far-off minor leaguers in low-A righty Jorge Guzman and infielder Jose Devers, who turned 18 on Thursday.

Whether or not Jeter deserves credit for steering his team’s prized outfielder to the team he won five World Series with, Yankees Twitter was ready to give it to him.

Non-Yankees fans, however, thought the Marlins trade was fishy.

In Jeter’s defense: Because of Stanton’s no-trade clause, given to him before the former Yankees shortstop‘s arrival, Miami had very little leverage. The outfielder, masher of a majors-leading 59 homers and 132 RBI, had already rejected two locales, severely limiting the Marlins front office’s options.

Still, fair or not, it’s not the best look.

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