This Dumb, Dangerous Golf Trick Shot Doesn’t End Well

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Instagram / golf_starz)

Around this time two years ago, we saw a college golfer use her teammate’s butt as a tee.

This week, a golfing duo did something similar, except with the victim flipped over, and made more dangerous by taking place in the immediate vicinity of the sensitive genitals of a male.

Seriously, do not try this golf trick shot at your local course.


Say goodbye to having kids… 🏌️‍♂️🍒😲 #HeGone #GolfStarz

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It doesn’t help that the whackee appears to have no idea what he’s doing.

Three years ago, NHL All-Star center Tyler Seguin played the tee in a similar feat, but he had the sense to don his cup for protection.

If you’re looking for a safe golf trick shot, make like this 8-year-old girl and knock other people’s drones out of the sky with nothing but a driver, a tee, and a ball.