Golfers Are Trying Trick Shots On Ice And It’s Going About As You’d Expect

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: YouTube)

Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the safest sports one can participate in, but for some reason, golfers can’t help but venture into danger, especially when attempting trick shots.

And this freezing-cold winter is providing a new variable to bring unpredictability and pain to golfers looking for a little risk on the links: ice.

One guy combined the Happy Gilmore approach to a golf swing with the title character’s favorite sport, skating up to the ball on the soles of his feet while attempting to smack a shot.

Merely attempting, however.

Instead of connecting, he found himself with a sore and cold backside.


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This next guy, it seems, wasn’t even trying for a trick shot, but instead hoped to get his ball back on the grass in a brisk round of real-life golf. It didn’t go well either, and he might wanna get himself checked out for a concussion.

Last year yielded the ultimate ice-trick-shot fail, however, when an attempt resulted in a whiff and a cold bath.

But one legend actually managed to pull it off. His secret? Ice skates.

Sure, this one went well, but if you’re a golfer bored of the sport, please, stick to trick shots that don’t endanger your well-being. You can even still utilize ice, like this guy.

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