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Greatest Player in the History of Each NBA Franchise

Greatest Player in the History of Each NBA Franchise January 30, 2018

    Here’s the best basketball player from every NBA franchise in the history of the league. If you are a fan of great basketball and legendary performances, you can’t dispute this list. Kobe Bryant over Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Karl Malone over John Stockton? I will warn you that Chris Paul is on the list twice which will piss a lot of you off, but when you see the reasoning behind it, you will understand. Regardless what you think of each one of these players, every one of them have done something or are doing something currently that will leave their mark on each of these franchises. 

    Denver Nuggets: Alex English


    Dude got selected 23rd overall and all he went on to do is become the Nuggets all-time leader in games, minutes, field goals, offensive rebounds, assists, and points. Melo is currently regretting forcing his way out on Denver because he would kicked Alex English to the curb if he was just a little patient.