Dana White Is Being A Dishonest Hypocrite Again, This Time To Defend Greg Hardy

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: UFC.com)

“There’s one thing that you never bounce back from and that’s putting your hands on a woman. Been that way in the UFC since we started here. You don’t bounce back from putting your hands on a woman.”

That was Dana White back in 2014.

But perhaps the UFC president’s interviewer should have given him a chance to finish saying “… unless he can make me money.”

Here’s what White had to say after Greg Hardy’s TKO of a fellow former NFL player on Tuesday night:

What I respect about the guy is he did something really bad and horrible.

Not a great start.

He went through everything you need to go through after you do something disgusting like that. Then, he hit rock bottom, picked himself back up, started to work his way up to become not only a better human being but a better athlete.

Ahh, so you can “bounce back from putting your hands on a woman,” so long as you get off on a sketchy technicality and show next to zero remorse for your actions.

Dishonesty in the name of making excuses for domestic abusers is kinda White’s personal brand.

After Thiago Silva was arrested on charges of putting a gun in his wife’s mouth and threatening to kill her, White inaccurately claimed the fighter had been “acquitted” before reinstating him.

In 2015, White claimed ignorance of Anthony Johnson’s 2010 domestic violence conviction. We know that was a lie, because in 2014, White acknowledged the incident. Following more accusations from the mother of Johnson’s children, White said that Johnson was the real victim in the relationship.

Abel Trujillo has fought 11 times under the UFC banner despite his pleading guilty to domestic violence twice.

White’s oft-purported “zero-tolerance policy” regarding domestic violence is a facade as laughable as the shape of White’s head.

To him, a fighter’s failure to knock out a battered opponent is a graver sin.