Gronk and Big Papi Make Another Unusual Dunkin Donuts Ad

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: YouTube/Dunkin' Donuts)

Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz are continuing their summer chill with another strange music video. This is the third single from the two Beantown stars, as they previously recorded songs called “Sippin” and “Turn it Up.”

The third installment, titled “Me Estoy Enamorado,” is love song about iced coffee in Spanish—as Gronk repeats over and over again throughout the song.

Watch below, it really doesn’t need an explanation:

We would really like to meet the marketing executive in charge of these videos because his mind must be a cotton candy field of craziness. It’s also very possible Dunkin' Donuts just handed Papi and Gronk a few cameras and tripods and told them to have some fun.