Gronk and Edelman Are Practicing Again, But Something Fishy Is Going On


(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman returned to the practice field on Friday after missing the last three weeks with a broken bone in his left foot. This comes just a day after Rob Gronkowski practiced for the first time since injuring his knee. But a lot of it looked like it was just for show.

It’s no secret that sometimes Bill Belichick likes to mess around with the injury report, just to keep teams on their toes going into Sunday. But since Edelman isn’t expected to return until the playoffs, it was quite the surprise to seem him at practice on Friday.

As you can tell from the video above, Edelman was seen hobbling around during the portion of practice where cameras were allowed. Belichick seemed happy (which is how you know something is up) and Gronk and Jules engaged in an extremely unnatural high five.

Seriously! Look at Belichick’s face! He didn’t look this happy after winning the Super Bowl!

It’s possible he’s just happy to have his two best receivers back. But I’m a Patriots fan and even I love to speculate there’s some secret meaning to everything Belichick does. It’s all part of his master plan, which can be found hidden in a vault in the basement of an abandoned home in Stoughton, Mass. And as someone that’s been watching this team since I’ve been in diapers, this all seems truly bizarre.

The Patriots also released a statement two weeks ago when Gronk was injured—something they’ve never done before.

There’s certainly some f*ckery afoot in Foxborough. Maybe Mr. Miyagi is healing the players.