Grumpy Bill Belichick Pushing Microphones Away Is the Best Clip You’ll See All Day


(Photo: Getty)

New England Patriots head coach and present-day Ebenezer Scrooge, Bill Belichick, is attending the NFL Annual Meeting where owners and coaches talk about bizarre rule changes and grab-ass about football for a few days. Not surprisingly, Belichick isn’t a fan of the event.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the meetings is when all 32 coaches get together to take one giant class picture (for the yearbook, I would assume). Of course, back in 2014, every coach showed up for the photo except Belichick. He showed up last year, probably because he was in a good mood after winning the Super Bowl. But Bill was a no-show once again in 2016.

Sean Payton, Jason Garrett and Andy Reid also weren’t in this year’s photo. They were likely hanging out with Belichick, yelling at children to get off the freshly mowed grass.

Belichick was especially unhappy at the coaches’ breakfast and didn’t take kindly to being hounded by microphones and audio recorders.

You can’t blame the guy. He needs some place to put his croissant, orange juice and six Super Bowl rings.

Seriously, Bill is f*ckin’ pissed:

It’s been a busy offseason so far for Belichick, and there’s no way in hell he wants to let the media know of his future plans. Yesterday, owner Robert Kraft said that he wrote a letter to Roger Goodell asking for the team’s first-round draft pick back, which was taken away when the league handed down its Deflategate punishment.

But I doubt Bill wants to talk about it.