Hardworking Kid’s Dad Surprises Him With Chicago Cubs Tickets

Joe Welkie
(Photo: Twitter / Hannah Himes)

When you're a kid, you are normally tasked with tedious, menial chores. It's supposed to give you a sense of responsibility and help you grow up to become a good person, yada yada yada. 

Kolt Kyler is an awesome kid who is always down to help his parents around the family farm. He's always up to do some chores to help out the family, and recently, his dad rewarded him in a big way.

Kyler is a big Chicago Cubs fan, as is his father, and after a long time of helping his father out around the farm, his dad surprised the 9-year-old with tickets to go see the Cubs at Wrigley. His reaction is priceless, and it's an awesome father–son moment that you rarely get to see these days. 

That's some good stuff right there. Excellent fathering and excellent sonning. I hope the Cubbies win the game they are headed to, just to make it a completely awesome experience for the little guy and his dad. 

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