Hawks Come Up With Impossibly Dumb Possession in the Biggest Moment of Their Season

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Atlanta Hawks snagged a rebound and took control of the ball with 10 seconds remaining in their matchup with the Washington Wizards in Game 5 of the teams' first-round series.

Tim Hardaway Jr. raced down the court and dished to the team's star, Paul Millsap, who treated John Wall to a pump fake party before conceding to Kent Bazemore, who drove and dished to an open Hardaway Jr., who hoisted up a three-pointer with two seconds on the clock.

There was just one slight problem: The Hawks were down by four.

Meaning that instead of searching for that perfect look, they should have gotten up the first decent shot they could, hoped it went in, then gone ito foul mode to get the ball back. There was time left to do that. But instead, the squad on the floor came up with this before losing 103-99.

“We just have to finish better in crunch time,” said Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder, who exploded for 29 points and 11 assists.

That's something a lot of Twitter users sitting on their couches at home could have told you.